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Creating Recovery Friendly Communities

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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is Taking Precious Lives in Our Communities


Americans Battled SUD in 2021


Received Treatment


Family Members and Friends Effected


Americans Effected Directly or Indirectly


What If... we could create a world where someone battling addiction feels safe to share about that struggle within their community?

What If... their community understood how to best support them along their journey? 

At GSN... we believe that creating this kind of world begins with educating people about addiction, cultivating an understanding of treatment and recovery and empowering people to create environments that lead to life transformation.

What We Offer

Equipping Our Communities

Good Samaritan Network offers educational programming on how to cultivate recovery friendly environments and offers grants to organizations working across the continuum of care.


Equipping The Next Generation

Good Samaritan Network facilitates the implementation of prevention programs for public and private schools.



"Because of Good Samaritan Network,

we were able to help a member of our congregation struggling with SUD enter into long term recovery."

"Because of our education through the Good Samaritan Network, we were aware that relationship is the first priority and that out of relationship comes the opportunity to lead individuals to resources where they can receive the assistance they need for treatment and recovery. Because of the Good Samaritan Network, we were aware of what the resources in our community are and were able to help him choose the best path of recovery for him. After he graduated from his program of choice, we were also able to rally around him and support him by connecting him to a job that he has to this day. By leading with compassion instead of judgment and supporting the individual across the continuum of care, we were able to see this life transformed and restored, and we eagerly await the opportunity to be a conduit of hope and restoration for others in our congregation in the future."

- Joe, Goffstown, NH

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