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The Good Samaritan Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating recovery friendly communities. We recognize that building stronger communities must encompass the continuum of care which includes Prevention, Intervention/Treatment, Recovery, After-Care and Family Care. We seek to equip and activate the community across this continuum through education, prevention and funding. 



Areas of Focus



The Beginnings

The Good Samaritan Network was originally formed in the fall of 2018 in response to Governor Sununu asking the churches to get more involved in the addiction crisis. Initially, GSN was formed under the religious nonprofit The New Hampshire Alliance, with the mission to equip and activate the church across the continuum of care for addiction. GSN's focus at the time was building teams in churches in 10 regions of New Hampshire.

A New Direction

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the landscape for substance use disorder (SUD). The lockdowns and increased anxiety led to higher SUD numbers and fewer available resources. This combination led to an increased need in our community to create recovery friendly environments. It was at this point that GSN decided they wanted to do more. In order to have an increased impact, it was time to become an independent nonprofit.


In June 2021, the NHA Board voted unanimously that GSN should separate from NHA and become its own nonprofit. GSN officially became a nonprofit in the fall of 2021 and decided to file as a non-religious organization with an expanded mission focus to equip the community, not just the church.


The original vision to equip churches will always be fulfilled through the Recovery Friendly Congregation Program. With the expanded mission, GSN can also offer programming designed for the schools, businesses and more.

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